New Outlook Counseling & Wellness Center
9535 Forest Lane Suite 288 Dallas, TX 75243
Office: (214) 838-3660 -  Fax: (214) 504-1337
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Client Resources

Crisis Line: 233-242872  

Dallas Rape Crisis Center: 972.641.R APE

Domestic Violence Helpline: 800.799.SAFE

National Child Abuse Helpline:  800.4. A CHILD

Suicide Helpline: 800.273.TALK  

There's resources available
to help you kick your addiction.
We're here to help or you can utilize 
the resources available to you on this page.
You don't have to keep silent. Get assitance
anonymously by contacting the helpline.
You weren't made to live like this.
Get help right now.